Episode 5: Non-Profit Marketing with Henah Parikh, She's The First

On today’s episode of Mission-Driven Marketing, host Marisa Flacks talks Henah Parikh, the development and communications manager for She’s the First. These two college friends kick off the show by talking about how Henah got her start in the ethical space, her involvement with The Good Trade, and her approach to marketing at a nonprofit organization. Marisa and Henah move on to discuss how to approach power dynamics, the importance of cultural competency, and what She’s the First has in store for it’s upcoming 10 year anniversary.

About Henah Parikh:

Henah Parikh has been involved in the social impact world for five years. After earning a double major in communications and psychology at Rutgers University, Henah got her master’s in social entrepreneurship at Pepperdine University. Henah is the the development and communications manager for the nonprofit organization She’s the First, the community manager and staff writer for The Good Trade, and founder of em-pact, an events, marketing, and communications services business for ethical brands and nonprofits. To connect with Henah, use the links below:



Website: She’s the First  | The Good Trade  | em-pact

Instagram: @shesthefirst  | @thegoodtrade  | @em_pact

Twitter: @_henah  | @shesthefirst  | @thegoodtrade  | @em_pact

Facebook: Henah Parikh  | She’s the First  | The Good Trade  | em-pact

LinkedIn: Henah Parikh


About She’s the First:

She’s the First is a nonprofit organization aimed to support girls who will be the first in their families to graduate high school and train students everywhere to be global citizens. She’s the First provides scholarship to the girls who will be first-generation graduates and supports programs include mentorship, life skills training, and sex education to prepare girls for success to graduation and beyond. To learn more about She’s the First or to find out to get more involved, visit https://shesthefirst.org.


About RISE Creative Co:

RISE Creative was founded on the idea that small businesses, ethical brands, social enterprises, and non-profits have incredible missions, but not always the capacity to hire full-time team members. We offer extremely personalized ethical branding packages, along with consulting, and educational resources to equip you to lead your brand to success. To learn more about ethical branding, and receive your Free Brand Marketing Checklist, visit www.risecreativeco.com. If you’re interested in being part of the Ethical Branding Academy, and learning everything you need to successfully implement your ethical brand’s marketing strategy, visit https://www.ethicalbrandingacademy.com. If you’d like to submit a topic to the show, please visit https://www.risecreativeco.com/contact/.


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