Episode 4: Authenticity on Social Media with Kelsey Pitney of Elegance Restored

On this episode of Mission-Driven Marketing, host Marisa Flacks chats with Kelsey Pitney, creator of Elegance Restored. Marisa asks Kelsey about starting an online boutique and how her store is shining a light on adoption while battling poverty and human trafficking. Kelsey talks about her day-to-day routine working at home with her kids, how she is conquering the shortcomings of online-only stores through her Instagram stories, the culture of over-consumption in fashion, and why she won’t be transitioning to a brick-and-mortar store.

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A Family for Every Orphan: https://afamilyforeveryorphan.org

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About Kelsey Pitney:


Kelsey Pitney, founder of Elegance Restored, is a working mom of 3 hoping to make ethical fashion more accessible through an online boutique. She created the shop with the idea in mind that you can change the world all while living in your home, loving your family, and doing everything else you’re supposed to be doing. As a seamstress who hopes to create her own line of ethical clothing, Kelsey wants to teach her kids the importance of making a difference and create a space where ethical clothing is approachable to the masses.


Website: https://www.elegancerestored.com


Instagram: @elegance_restored

Facebook: Elegance Restored

Pinterest: Elegance Restored


About Elegance Restored:


Elegance Restored is an online-only boutique aimed to make ethical fashion and fairly-sourced products accessible to the masses. With the profits made from Elegance Restored, owner Kelsey Pitney aims to bring attention to adoption, poverty, and human trafficking. All products are either target products that put money into the hands of those in a poverty stricken area, making traction in a life of someone in need, or go toward funding adoptions. To learn more about Elegance Restored, visit https://www.elegancerestored.com/pages/about-us.


About RISE Creative:

RISE Creative was founded on the idea that small businesses, ethical brands, social enterprises, and non-profits have incredible missions, but not always the capacity to hire full-time team members. We offer extremely personalized ethical branding packages, along with consulting, and educational resources to equip you to lead your brand to success. To learn more about ethical branding, and receive your Free Brand Marketing Checklist, visit www.risecreativeco.com. If you’re interested in being part of the Ethical Branding Academy, and learning everything you need to successfully implement your ethical brand’s marketing strategy, visit https://www.ethicalbrandingacademy.com. If you’d like to submit a topic to the show, please visit https://www.risecreativeco.com/contact/.



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