Episode 3: The Politics and Religion of Ethics, Francesca Willow of Ethical Unicorn

On this episode of Mission-Driven Marketing, host Marisa Flacks and Ethical Unicorn’s Francesca Willow kick off the show discussing Francesca’s unique background, living sustainably, and the start of the Ethical Unicorn blog. The two move on to cover a wide variety of topic, including ethical fashion, production and manufacturing rules in the UK, involvement of animals in fashion, religion in ethics, and the global responsibility to support others.

About the Francesca Willow:

Francesca Willow is the founder of Ethical Unicorn, a sustainable fashion and social justice blog based in the UK. Francesca uses her cultural theory knowledge gained from an MA in Theater & Performance Arts to write about a variety of topics to help others live an informed and ethically-conscious life.


Website: https://ethicalunicorn.com/


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About Ethical Unicorn:


Ethical Unicorns is a sustainable fashion and social justice blog started to help others learn how to lead an ethical life. Ethical Unicorn covers topics ranging from zero-waste living to fashion and beauty. Ethical Unicorns aims to equip readers with the knowledge needed to make eco-friendly and ethically-conscious decisions. To learn how to start living an ethical life, check out Ethical Unicorn’s Ultimate Beginners Guide to Ethical Living at https://ethicalunicorn.com/2018/01/24/the-ultimate-beginners-guide-to-ethical-living/. For more information about Ethical Unicorn, visit https://ethicalunicorn.com/about/.


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