Episode 1: What is Ethical Branding? Featuring RISE Founder, Marisa Flacks

On the first episode of Mission-Driven Marketing, host Marisa Flacks explains what exactly Ethical Branding is and how ethical brands need to approach their marketing from a different perspective. The episode covers four key components to Ethical Branding including leading with your why, cultural sensitivity, creative storytelling, and leading new consumers towards ethical practices. 

About Marisa Flacks:

Marisa Flacks, founder of RISE Creative, and trained Cultural Anthropologist, left the corporate fashion industry to start an ethical branding agency, serving brands rising up to make a change. After years spent working in New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco for companies such as Fashion GPS (now Launchmetrics), Hearst Magazine Corporation, Starworks Group, and Nineteenth Amendment, her global cultural training and research lent insight into the horrible effects that fast fashion has on people and our environment. From there, she decided to take her experiences in public relations, digital marketing, and creative direction to serve the rising community of ethical brands worldwide. Since launching in 2016, RISE Creative has served brands such as VETTA, Sevenly, Encircled, FashionVeggie, and many more, expanding from creative marketing services, to educating brands in development and strategy.

To connect with RISE Creative, use the links below:

Website: RISE Creative

Instagram: @risecreativeco

Twitter: @risecreativeco

Facebook: RISE Creative Co.

LinkedIn: Marisa Flacks

About RISE Creative Co:

RISE Creative was founded on the idea that small businesses, ethical brands, social enterprises, and non-profits have incredible missions, but not always the capacity to hire full-time team members. We offer extremely personalized ethical branding packages, along with consulting, and educational resources to equip you to lead your brand to success. To learn more about ethical branding, and receive your Free Brand Marketing Checklist, visit www.risecreativeco.com. If you’re interested in being part of the Ethical Branding Academy, and learning everything you need to successfully implement your ethical brand’s marketing strategy, visit https://www.ethicalbrandingacademy.com. If you’d like to submit a topic to the show, please visit https://www.risecreativeco.com/contact/.



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