Where to Start When Hiring Help

As a small business or evolving brand, there's many options when it comes to growing your team, from hiring a freelancer, to bringing on a part-time employee, to having a creative agency come alongside your brand to fill in all your gaps & take some tasks off your plate. However, there's a few things you should consider before hiring help:

1. Maximum Skill Per Hire

I realize that sounds like a math equation, but think of it this way - would you rather hire one person for social media, one person for your e-mails, one person for your website updates, and one person for your blogger collaborations? That sounds like a lot of people to manage and a lot of budget shelled out to multiple people. Not to mention, managing that many people as a small business often makes it hard to have everyone’s creative vision for the company on the same page. If you only need to hand off one of these tasks, it may benefit you to hire one freelancer, however, if you want to most amount of skill for your budget, you may want to seek an affordable creative agency who can put strategy and vision behind your content, and execute it from a conversion driven standpoint.

2. Strategy Driven vs. Task Driven

A lot of the time we hear business owners talk about how they have all of these ideas, but just need help executing it. If you find yourself being the person who likes to be in the driver's seat of every single project and task, and just need someone who can carry out your assignments for you on your time, then a freelancer or part-time employee may be the right choice for you. However, if you feel lost when it comes to creating a strategy that is going to lead to the best results and grow your brand, and you need someone to come alongside of you to do the research, create the strategy, and execute it in the best way possible, all while taking time and stress off your plate, you may want to seek a more experienced, method driven team.

3. Potential Networks

Bringing someone onto your team who has had experience in your industry and can possibly connect you with other brands, bloggers, or media opportunities is such a great asset for growth. If you can find the diamond in the rough employee or freelancer who seems to have enough experience to have a great network, then go girl! (or guy, hey!) However, if you feel like you want to know for a fact that there is a large network of potential collaborators, customers, and supporters right around the corner, all gained through years of experience and relationships, an agency who has put in the time and work to gain those networks sounds like the best fit for you.

4. Return on Investment or ROI

Deciding to invest in an employee, freelancer, or agency as a small business is a big, and oftentimes scary step. You’re taking a financial risk that you hope will positively impact your business. Knowing this, would you rather take the risk to invest in one person who can hopefully fulfill your multiple needs enough to earn back the money you’re spending on that position, or does a full team dedicated to your project that has a proven track record of a 3x-20x return on your investment sound like a more secure option?

Let’s be real, talking about money is awkward. Small businesses are always weary of where to spend their money or make a hire first, so laying out the benefits of both freelancers, part-time help, and creative agencies allows owners to see what they’re getting when investing in each option, and allow you to choose what might be the best fit for you. We truly to believe in the great value of freelance work, but we’ve also seen the amazing impact that a full team of creatives dedicated to your business can have in the long run.

If you feel like a creative agency may be the best fit for you, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’d love to chat more about your mission and how we can grow your impact in 2020.


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