When is the Right Time to Re-brand?

A week or so ago, I was having coffee with a local ethical brand owner, and the question arose of “when is the right time to re-brand?’ Recently, we’ve had the pleasure of being involved in a couple re-brands, which is one of my favorite things to do, breathing new life into long-lasting missions. However, I had never actually considered when or if there was a ‘perfect time’ to re-brand. After a few minutes of thought, the light bulb went off, and the answer was truly effortless.

Branding is not just the logos that you upload to your website, or print on your product tags. Branding goes far beyond logos, fonts, and colors, and truly encompasses the way that you share your work with the world, more importantly your target consumer.

So, when considering re-branding, I have a few questions for you.

1. Do you know who your target consumer is?

Not just an age and a gender demographic, does your target consumer have a name? Where do they live? Do they have kids? Are they working a corporate job? What are their hobbies? Do you truly know your target consumer as if they were a friend? Knowing this will help you to picture that person every time that you go to create content. It will also allow you to look at your brand as a whole and say, “is my brand speaking to or attracting Jennifer?”

2. Does your brand messaging speak to your target consumer?

As I mentioned before, branding goes far beyond the visuals of your brand. While those are the exciting parts of a re-brand, your messaging is equally as important, if not more important, as it’s the words that draw in your target consumer. Everything from the headlines and about page on your website, to your social media bios, and blog topics, each piece of messaging that you create should be speaking directly to that consumer and making them fall more in love with your brand.

What RISE Creative does that sets us apart from other branding studios, is that we include a full brand messaging consult and 15-20 page personalized guide on top of your new branding guide, so that you know exactly the wording to use in every aspect of your brand moving forward. Learn more.

3. Do your visuals speak to your target consumer?

Much thought and creativity goes into creating visual assets for a brand, such as your logo, secondary logo, watermarks, etc. The visual should be completely representative of who you are as a brand, your mission, and also the audience that you are trying to target. If you are a super modern, everyday clothing brand, you wouldn’t create a logo with bouquets of flowers, and if you were a floral company employing survivors of domestic violence, you wouldn’t use stark, bold lettering, but one that tells the story of grace, revival, and new beginnings.

So to the question of When is the Right Time to Re-Brand? The answer is, when you feel like your brand may not be connecting with your target audience or may not match your target audience moving forward.

If you’re feeling like you may need to work on just one part of your branding, such as your brand messaging, RISE Creative offers brand messaging consults that result in a 15-20 page guide outlining everything from your headlines, about pages, social media bios, to your SEO & press pitches, all built to attract your target consumer.

If you’re thinking that the visuals of your brand aren’t speaking to your target consumer in the way that you want them to, we are your easy button. Our branding packages include not just your logos, fonts, and colors, but also branding messaging, package design, print assets, and more. Let’s chat more!

Ris Rose