We Quit Instagram Posting for 1 Month & Gained Followers

Yes you read that right. On February 7th, due to a crazy season of life, and just feeling burnt out on constantly having to plan content, we decided to give up scheduling Instagram Posts and see what would happen. Now it’s important to note that as a creative marketing agency, our business and lives are heavily dependent on social media, so this was a bit of a risk, but we wanted to test our other outlets and make sure they were as strong as the return we saw from Instagram posting. You know what happened? We gained followers.

And no, this wasn’t a result of bots.

And no, this wasn’t people following us one day, and unfollowing us the next.

We grew close to 80 followers, and retained them all, with no feed posting activity.

How you ask?

1. We stayed active on Instagram Stories.

There was no strategy involved, we just ‘popped on’ (as I’ve been trying so hard to stop saying on stories) and gave real life updates on life, business, client project, upcoming projects, etc.

2. We rotated old content.

Whether it’s Pinterest pins linked to old blog posts, or Facebook Group posts linked to our website, the traffic kept flowing, without our daily posting.

3. We leverage our e-mail list.

Having an e-mail list of people who have already expressed their interest in your brand is invaluable. You have a direct line of communication with people who are already fans of what you’re doing, so use it!

Wondering how you can grow your business without stressing over content and marketing every single day? WE’VE GOT YOUR EASY BUTTON.

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Ris Rose