Using Google Analytics to Reach Your Target Audience

Google Analytics can seem a little overwhelming to someone new to the tool, or someone who may not feel comfortable with data. As a self-proclaimed nerd, I think Google Analytics is an incredible tool to get to know your audience and strategize interaction with them. We’ve put together a few key components to examine in your Google Analytics account and how to use the data to grow your brand.

AUDIENCE > Overview

This is where I like to start to get an overview of how an audience interacts with a brands’ page. The key components to look at, besides the obvious visits, is the average number of pages the audience clicks through, the average time spent on the site, and the bounce rate. If the page clicks and time spent are low, you may want to add some more exciting, clickable content such as blog posts, sale products, etc. throughout the site to keep the attention of your audience.

Your bounce rate is the percentage of people who have a single home page view and then bounce off your site. If this is high, you should be concerned that your content is not catching the attention of your consumers. To lower this, I usually recommend an opt-in such as a pop-up that offers 10% off for e-mail subscribers, etc. This will make them engage with your site and look around to see where they can use the promotion. You can also make the pop-up a great blog story about the makers behind your brand, etc.

Lastly, in this section, I recommend that you take a look at the country your main audience resides so that you can better serve them by location through international shipping, seasons of the year, etc.

AUDIENCE > Demographics > Overview

Here you can learn the age percentages and gender of your audience to better market to them.

AUDIENCE > Mobile > Overview

 It is important to take a look at the percentage of your audience who regularly views your website on a mobile device. Work with your web developer or your web hosting platform to ensure that the mobile version of your site is performing identically to your desktop site, offering the same opt-ins, logos, and fonts to keep your brand as uniform as possible.

AUDIENCE > Users Flow

This tool allows you to see the flow of how users interact on your site. It shows step-by-step where the most clicks are off your home page, and it also shows where your highest drop-off rate. This can inform you to change the format of your pages or offers to keep your audience on your pages longer.


The overview evaluates the percentage of your audience who reach your audience through four main channels. Direct are the users who go directly onto your website, usually previously aware of your brand, or clicking to your brand through direct links in newsletters. Organic Search is the percentage of your audience that visits your site through organic keywords, better known as SEO. Having a high Organic Search acquisition means that you have very strong SEO for audiences to find your site using your targeted keywords. Referral is the percentage of your audience who clicked to your site through referral links on other sites. This often occurs when you’re featured on blogs who link back to your site. Social is the segment of your audience clicking onto your page from social media.

Once you set up goals within Analytics, you’ll be able to track which form of acquisition is converting to the most sales. This can help inform where to invest money in your market. For example, if you invest in SEO and organic search conversions are especially high, you know it was a worthy investment. If social media is bringing you the most conversions, you know to focus more of your energy on social media

BEHAVIOR > Site Content

This feature allows you to see which of your site content is the most popular with your audience. This can inform what kind of content you put into newsletters, on social media, in promotions, and help you better appeal to your audience

While these are not all the features that Google Analytics has to offer, these are some of the main areas you can use to inform your marketing strategy, get to know your existing audience, and better reach your target audience. As part of the Ethical Branding Academy, we'll be discussing Google Analytics and many more tools to equip you to take control of your marketing. Get on our waitlist now!


Written by Marisa Flacks, Founder of RISE Creative

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