Unique E-mail Opt-Ins for E-Commerce Brands

I'm not going to begin this post by drilling the importance of having an e-mail opt-in because it's 2018 and I'm pretty sure we've all heard enough. However, the most common e-mail opt-in that brands use is a discount code, and while that is great to attempt to spark a sale, the same opt-in for every retailer can start to feel repetitive. At RISE, we want our brands to stand out, not just for their unique product, but to spread their impactful mission. We've put together a list of ideas that retailer brands can use for their e-mail opt-in, in order to really make that lasting impression.

1. How-To Style Guide

Showing your consumer the many ways that your product can be worn is a great way to help them mentally picture wearing your clothing, a great way to spark a new sale. This opt-in option allows you to reach your consumer is a creative and relevant way, while also still hoping to lead to a sale, just like a coupon code. You can even include a coupon code in the Style Guide.

2. Behind-The-Scenes

Whether you take your audience behind-the-scenes the production of your pieces, or a fun photoshoot, giving them an inside look into your brand really makes a personal connection that they'll remember when they're looking to buy a specific piece. 

3. Meet The Makers

Let your audience feel like they're sitting down with your artisans, or your team, and really let them get to know you as a brand. 

4. A Unique Giveaway

Maybe it's a free styling session with your team, or an accessory that perfectly compliments your products. Being that a giveaway is usually 'enter to win,' you don't have to give one to each subscriber, but entice them to leave their e-mail with the opportunity to win. 

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Written by Marisa Flacks, Founder of RISE Creative

RISE Creative was founded on the idea that small businesses, social enterprises, and non-profits don't always have the capacity to hire full-time staff to join in the efforts towards their incredible missions. We create extremely personalized ethical branding and digital marketing packages that fit your company's needs.

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