Turning Followers Into Community

Here at RISE, we hold the unpopular opinion that followers do not matter. Okay, in a small sense they do, but in theory 20K followers does not matter if only 10 of those are true loyal consumers and lovers of your brand. To our clients, and throughout our own strategy, we always stress the importance of growing a true community who loves and supports your passion. So, in a world so consumed with the need for 'followers', how do you build community?

1. Be Authentic

Being authentic does not only mean being yourself, which we'll get to next, but also being authentic in the way that you grow your community. AVOID BOTS AT ALL COSTS. Fake followers does not create true community, nor does it convert to consumers. 

2. Share The Everyday

Let your audience see who you are, and why you're passionate about your brand. It's easier to remember a brand and support a brand when you're able to put a face to the name. Show the creation process, behind-the-scenes, ask for their input, make your audience feel like they're truly part of your process. Plus you'll learn so much from their feedback and really create a brand that caters to your community.

3. Engage, Engage, Engage

Don't just like every picture on your Instagram feed, engage in real conversation, answer the questions others put in their captions, spark inspiration or a thought in others. Consistently engaging with like-minded people is the #1 way to build true community. 

4. Support Others in Your Community

When another brand, a blogger, or even a consumer posts something looking for support, be there! That's the definitely of community, isn't it? 

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