The SEO Checklist You Need for Your Ethical Brand

After determining your SEO keywords, it sometimes seems like a guessing game as to where to put them. There are a few important parts throughout your website that need to be SEO Optimized in order for Google to fully read your SEO and rank your site based on those keywords.

1. Website Description

While this may seem like the most obvious, it is commonly overlooked when worried about products, and other pages. The first stop you need to make in your Optimization is your Website Description, as this is what shows up on Google Searches, and it’s how Google reads your web page.


2. Website Copy

Every single page on your site has some kind of copy on it, from your about page, to your shipping and returns page.


3. URLs

Now this is a tricky one. If you have an existing website, you may not want to touch your URLs. While it helps Google read your SEO, if your URLs are linked anywhere like Pinterest, old Tweets or Facebook Posts, those pages will be void once the URL is changed. My recommendation is that only change the URLs when adding new products, or creating a new website so you don’t break any existing links in your social media.


4. Pictures

Pictures are the best place to hide SEO! Meta text and alt text is the perfect place to optimize your site from the back end without your audiences actually seeing your SEO.

5. Product Descriptions

This may be difficult for some brands, because you really want your product description to be personalized to each product and tell a unique story. However, if you’re able to slip some keywords into that description, Google will pick up on those and they will help contribute to a higher positioning in Google Search.

6. About Page

This is another tricky one because you want your about page to be extremely personal and real, not coded with keywords. However, if your keywords accurately represent your brand, you should be able to seamlessly add them into your about section.

7. Blog Posts

I will tell you right now, if you are a brand who has had a blog for years, this is the biggest pain in the butt. Having to go back and add SEO to all past blog posts sounds so tedious. So, my recommendation is go through your blog posts, hide the ones that aren’t relevant anymore, and optimize the rest. As for you new bloggers, make sure you can slip SEO into your text, pictures, and any other part of your blog post for Google to read.

And that’s it! Pretty simple! SEO sounds like such a monster, but these easy steps can help your Google Ranking rise. If you think that you need an SEO Audit performed for you, or even SEO insertion done for you, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We are happy to help!


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