The Importance of Original Shareable Content

Today I wanted to talk about a topic that has been on my mind a lot lately. As an Ethical Brand Strategist, I always always always stress the importance of having a blog to my clients. Blogs are the best way to creatively tell the story of your brand and its' mission, and also the best way to create shareable content that your readers and customers can both engage with and share to spread the love of your brand.

However, lately, I've been on the other side, as the "sharer" and have been extremely frustrated by the lack of shareable content out there. To explain a little better, when managing a client's social media, I try to incorporate as many ethical fashion articles as I can into their Facebook and Twitter posts to spread knowledge and information to their consumers. Today, I logged onto a popular ethical fashion blog, hoping for some great content to share, and realized that their entire home page was sponsored posts. 

Now don't get me wrong, sponsored posts are great. I'm all for bloggers supporting ethical brands, especially telling the stories of new brands. But I think that us ethical bloggers have gotten so lost in the fascination of "being involved in the ethical fashion industry," that we've forgotten it is our duty to use our voices to inform the masses, our followers and our audiences, about the severity of fashion fashion effects on the world. If we're not creating content that helps spread the message of ethical and sustainable fashion, than what separates us from any other fast fashion blogger?

I think the key here, for both brands and bloggers, is to make sure there is an even split of informative content, and sponsored content. I love a good brand feature that draws me to click to a new site and make a new ethical purchase. But I also love a post that calls me to action or makes me feel empowered to make a change. 

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If you are a brand reading this, let me quickly list the benefits of having a blog connected to your website:

1. Creates Trust with your Audience - As I've just mentioned, a blog gives you the opportunity to use your voice to speak to your audiences in new ways. Let them get to know you and really fall in love with your brand and your products. 

2. Shows Audience Engagement - No brand writes a blog just for themselves. Taking the time to sit down and write to your audience shows that you value their presence and care what they think about your brand. 

3. Creates Shareable Content - Once that consumer falls in love with your story and your brand voice, they click the little share button and brag to their friends, family, and followers about their new discovery. You have now reached a whole new audience that maybe never would've found your brand otherwise. If you feel lost when it comes to strategizing & creating content, check out our educational resources.

4. Great for SEO - SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is when Google scans your site for certain keywords, which then places you at a certain position in a Google Search. If you have an SEO Keyword Map and are using the correct keywords for your site, inserting them into blog posts will help keep your SEO even more consistent, and help Google to keep placing you higher and higher in Google searches. 

5. Gives Unique Content for Social Media - In today's world of social media, there is so much content that is reposted or re-shared, some days nothing feels original anymore. When you create an original blog post, that is a piece of content unseen, which draws new audiences and prompts them to share with their network as well. 

6. Backlinks - When the blog is directly connected to your website, a reader is more likely to click "shop" or one of your other pages after learning more about your mission by reading through your post. 


Written by Marisa Flacks

RISE Creative Co. serves ethical brands in building their digital presence through digital marketing, content creation, and brand strategy.

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