The 80/20 Rule

One of the most common topics I cover when consulting a new client is how to create an effective and engaging e-mail newsletter. As a brand, it seems most founders’ biggest fear is sounding too much like a sales pitch. Honey, your brand has so much more to offer than that…

Creative Storytelling is the most important facet of an ethical brand’s marketing strategy. Therefore, leading with your story, your WHY, and the motivation behind your brand, makes for the most engaging content you can create. However, creating a balanced mix of content and product sales is the true key to the perfect newsletter, therefore we’ve come up with a simple rule to follow when creating e-mail newsletters.


The 80/20 Rule

The 80/20 Rule simply means that 80% of your newsletter should be creative content, while the other 20% can be products to sell, or seasonal promotions. In order to correctly carry this rule out, let’s break it down.


The 80% - Creative Content

This is where you should incorporate your original shareable content. Starting off your newsletter with fun blog posts, engaging topics, intriguing pictures, etc. is a great way to draw your audience in, and feed them content they’ve never seen before. If you’ve recently collaborated with an influencer, include their pictures and link to their post so that your audience can see your products worn in different ways. This is also secretly a sales technique because the influencer’s creative content will link back to products that your audience can buy.


The 20% - Product Sales

Here is where you’re allowed to feel like a salesman for a few minutes. Use your Google Analytics skills  to choose products that have performed the best, or include products that you are pushing for the holiday season. The most creative way to include products in your newsletter is to make sure that the products somehow correlate to the other content in the newsletter. For example, creating a blog post on how to wear a certain item, with that shoppable item linked below is the perfect blend of content and product.

If you’re a true e-mail marketing genius, you can also tailor your e-mails so that they re-target consumers who may have added items to a cart and then abandoned the page. This is a great way to remind them of what they wanted to buy, without forcing a sale down their throats.

No matter how you craft your e-mail newsletter, put yourself in the shoes of your audience. How many e-mail newsletters do you get in a day? What is the one thing that makes you open one newsletter, and delete another? Is it the subject? Is it the first image that pops up in your inbox? Make sure that your e-mail aligns with what you would want your consumers to think upon receiving your message. Give them something they’ve never seen before, new creative content to digest, and the story behind the products they are consuming.  

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