Social Media Tools You Should Be Using

It seems like a new social media tool is releasing every week lately. One of the most common questions we receive is, "what planner tool should I be using?" While there are some that are "approved" for platforms like Instagram, it truly is a personal choice. So, today we're sharing some of our favorite platforms as a marketing agency who uses social media tools every day. 

1. For Pinterest - Tailwind

The potential for traffic and growth on Pinterest is extraordinary if the correct strategy is applied. Tailwind is an amazing platform that allows you to schedule your pins, see analytics on your account, join Tribes or group boards, and really create a strategy that works for you and is easy to carry out in minimal time. 

2. For Twitter & Facebook - Buffer

Personally, we love buffer because it allows you to input consistent posting times based on your traffic analytics. It also allows you to post on multiple platforms with the same content, but adjust the posting times, captions, etc. It's really the most seamless integration of scheduling that we've found so far. 

3. For Instagram - ??

Yes those are question marks. In all honesty, we use a very small European brand called Onlypult to schedule our posts but that is because we manage a lot of accounts. Instagram did release a list of approved posters, and we're still waiting for the automatic posting to take effect before choosing to switch over to one of the platforms on their list. We've used planoly for clients in the past and like the visuals of it, but found Onlypult had more capabilities that we needed, so for now our Instagram choice is to be determined...

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