Social Media Lies You Shouldn't Believe

It seems that every time there is an Instagram Algorithm Update, hundreds of new articles are published claiming they’ve got the key to hacking Instagram. Unfortunately, I’ve seen more and more articles publish false information sending people in a panic to re-think their social media strategy. To avoid this, today we’re addressing social media lies that you shouldn’t believe.


1.     Using 30 Hashtags will Flag Your Account as Spam

FALSE – If Instagram didn’t want you using all 30 hashtags, they wouldn’t allow you to use 30 to begin with. Now, if you choose to use the same 30 hashtags for 6 months, you may be on the verge of being shadowbanned, however, if you’re continuously switching up your hashtags and using all 30, you should definitely see changes and boosts in your engagement.


2.     You Have to Post on Social Media Every Day or Your Content Won’t Be Seen

FALSE – While consistent content is good for engagement, you won’t be penalized for not posting every day. During our re-brand the past two weeks, I went almost two whole weeks without posting and our engagement is just as good if not better. We even gained over 20+ followers during that time because Instagram’s new algorithm was showing our post to people when it was 4+ days old. I don’t recommend waiting longer than two weeks to post, but posting every two or three days won’t kill your engagement.


3.     Having a Large Following Means a Successful Business

FALSE – While having a large following might be “social proof” that your brand is well-liked, there is no direct correlation between a large following and a successful business in today’s world of social media. Why? Because many people started out buying followers. I’ve experienced brands with over 16K followers, who were struggling with sales because their followers were not real. It is more important to have a smaller, highly engaged, and loyal community, than to purchase followers in order to make your brand look bigger than it is.

4.     Pinterest is a Social Media Platform

FALSE – While Pinterest can connect people via content, the way that their current algorithm is developed makes Pinterest more of a search engine. Technically, you could classify Pinterest under the term social media, however, if you want to be successful on Pinterest you need to be approaching your strategy as if it were a search engine, using specific keywords to ensure that your content is seen. (We will soon do a Pinterest series, don’t worry.)


5.     I Don’t Need to Use Instagram Stories

FALSE – Instagram stories viewers have now reached 300 million people (1/3 of all Instagram users), with 25% more sales conversions through the swipe-up option, increasing the average time spent on Instagram to 28 minutes. Not to mention, the use of your stories is a great way to guarantee that your audience is seeing your content in their feed. Have you ever noticed that the Instagram stories you watch the most correlates with the content you see most in your feed? By consistently visiting that profile, you’re telling Instagram you want to see more of their content. So, wouldn’t you want your consumers to be consistently watching your story and seeing your content in their feed?


Unfortunately, when new data is published, there will always be false information extracted from that data. Make sure that your sources are well-informed, or trusted in this industry, before changing your entire social media strategy because of a lie you read on the internet. We hope these were helpful tips, and please feel free to contact us with any questions. 


Written by Marisa Flacks, Founder of RISE Creative

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