Repurposing Old Blog Content

Creating original shareable content is one of the most important investments of time any brand owner can make. We stress this to all of our clients, because the uses of content extends far beyond living on your blog page. However, once you've invested the time in creating great blog content, and let that content live on your site for a good amount of time, how do you re-purpose it, to continue to drive traffic? There's a few things you can do:

1. Share The Story in an E-mail Newsletter

If you haven't already linked the blog post in an old newsletter, or even if you have, use the theme of the blog post to story tell within your e-mail newsletter. If it was an old "How to Style" post, make it the theme of your e-mail newsletter when that season and trend comes around again. If it was a story of a past artisan trip, use those words to remind your audience of your mission and the impact of their purchases through your e-mail newsletters. 

2. Turn it into a Shareable Graphic 

Have you ever had a moment when you're writing a blog post and think, "wow that was a pretty great line of advise if I do say so myself." Keep track of those social media worthy quotes, and turn them into graphics that you can re-share on social media.

3. Host a Social Media Live Discussing The Topic

Does your blog post cover an important topic? Whether it's a how to style post, or how to pursue a more conscious lifestyle, take out the main bullet points and turn it into a Facebook or Instagram Live where your audience can respond and interact with you as you discuss it. 


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