Planning a Campaign Shoot

Can you believe we’re only days away from Spring? Whether your brand follows the 4-season collection schedule, or breaks the norm with only a few capsule pieces a year, odds are you’re planning something special for warmer weather. When it comes time to release new products, creating original shareable content, in the form of photo shoots is extremely important to have collateral for your website, social media, look books, etc. Today we’re walking you through the process of Planning a Spring Campaign Shoot.


1.     Start with a Mood Board

Developing a mood board that accurately represents the look you’re going for. sets the stage for every other part of your shoot. From your setting, to the style of photographer, to the props, and models you choose. The mood board will help you visualize each part of your shoot moving forward


2.     Setting

Once you’ve established your mood board, and inspiration behind the shoot, you want to make sure that you have access to setting that can bring your vision to life. There are many times when you can improvise as far as setting. For example, to create an outdoorsy look with lots of greenery, I’ve used white walls and lots of fake plants. There are many ways to stage a scene, but if you’re looking for more of a lifestyle shoot, you can always find coffee shops, restaurants, and other public places to shoot, with the approval of the owners.

3.     Models

Another important detail that influences the look of your shoot are the people actually modeling the clothing. Choosing models whose look aligns with your vision will continue to tie the entire theme together.


4.     Hair & Makeup

Once you have your models booked, and an idea of how you’re hoping to style them, meet with your hair and makeup team to finalize looks for the shoot, it’s one less thing you have to worry about during the day of! I’ve even pulled looks directly off of my mood board and sent them to the artist so they were well prepared for shoot day.


5.     Photography Style

Many talented photographers are skilled in multiple shooting styles, so just make sure your photographer is well-informed about the style you’re looking for prior to the shoot. Do you want a lot of white space? Are you looking for more of a dark, or vintage feel to your shots? Do you want to shoot into direct sunlight or away from it? These are all factors that will ensure everyone is on the same page when it comes time to shoot.


6.     Style Each Look in Advance

Preparing in advance the looks for each model or frame is going to, again, keep everything flowing smoothly on shoot day. If you’re a clothing brand feeling like you need some accessories to style the shoot, reach out to some accessories brands who I’m sure would be more than willing to send pieces to photograph in exchange for the use of pictures, or tagging on social media.

Now that you’ve prepared each component of your shoot in advance, shoot day can be a fun day full of excitement, creativity, and joy. If all of these seems a little overwhelming, we are more than happy to help through our Creative Direction Services. Feel free to contact us for more information.


Written by Marisa Flacks, Founder of RISE Creative

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