Placing Your Brand in Blogs and Publications

When it comes to building or growing a brand, a question that we often receive is how can I place my brand in blogs and publications? The good news is that because you are an ethical brand, odds are you have an incredibly unique story to tell. The somewhat difficult news is that you do need to be strategic in your creative storytelling in order to place your brand. We’ve put together some steps you can take to develop a Public Relations plan for your brand.


1. Develop Your Story

What story are you trying to tell? What is the one thing that will set your brand apart, or make an impact on readers? Find that one thing, and put together a letter, e-mail, or press release that genuinely and compassionately tells your brand story. In this cause-driven industry, it is important that you lean on ethical branding to relate heavily to your target audience. What is ethical branding you ask? Read more here. 


2. Identify Your Targets

Whether your dream is to land in the pages of Elle Magazine, or an ethically focused publication such as The Good Trade, you want to make a list of your target publications and bloggers. When it comes to publications, make note of specific articles or writers whose pieces caught your eye or really resonate with your brand’s mission. This will make pitching them your story a lot more personal when you have a previous article to refer back to. When it comes to bloggers, make note of the specific causes they’re passionate about, whether that’s vegan fashion, or artisan-made goods, so that you can again link your story to what their passionate about, in hope that they too will be passionate about your brand. 

3.     Perfect a Strong Pitch

Once you’ve identified your story, you want to tell it in a way that is concise, yet captivating. Include one or two important pictures, along with links that will make navigating your brand easy for anyone interested in. A good format to follow is:

- Introduction

- Summary of brand

- Picture

- Ask (we’d love for you to consider us as you put together your next article concerning _____)

- Link to see more

- Thank you

- Clear Contact Information


4.     Follow Up

Bloggers, writers, publishers, and influencers, all receive hundreds of e-mails a day. There is no shame in sending a follow up the next week to ensure that your message was seen. Unfortunately, because of the volume of requests received, you won’t always receive a response, but it can’t hurt to try!


Bonus Tip: If you are the CEO of a brand who has an incredibly unique background, whether you’re an expert at a certain sewing technique, or you’ve traveled the world working with artisans, it may be beneficial for you to pitch publications and blogs by asking to guest blog post sharing your story. Again, this requires a very strong story and pitch that shows the publication you have a unique perspective that will resonate with their audiences, but it’s a great way to gain placements for yourself and your brand.

If you’re looking to take control of your marketing, The Ethical Branding Academy was created to equip you with the knowledge to succeed in social media, PR, content, and more. Join our community here!


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