Nurturing PR Relationships

We hope that earlier this week you had the chance to read our blog post on Placing Your Brand in Blogs and Publications. Our goal in walking you through that process is to make you comfortable forming great relationships for your brand. Once you have formed those relationships, how do you maintain them? Today we’re talking nurturing established relationships.

1. Stay in Contact

Obviously don’t bombard the blogger or writer with e-mails every week, but keep them updated on new and exciting things happening for your brand. Whether it’s a new collection, holiday special, or event, you never know what might catch their eye and create another story, to reach a larger audience, for your brand.

2. Aim for True Friendships

You’re probably sick of hearing (or reading), me say that I’m so grateful for this community that favors collaboration over competition. However, don’t just aim to make a connection, aim for true friendships. We are all involved in this industry because we are passionate about some kind of change, and the best way to make change is to form true bonds with others who are fighting for the same mission. Not to mention, it’s great to have the support of friends who understand the work that you do on a daily basis and can be there to support you on the days that might not be so easy.

3.     Send Gifts & Notes

There’s something so meaningful about a handwritten note or a thoughtful holiday gift. Did they just have a baby? Is it their birthday? Are they anticipating their wedding? This year was the first year that I received Christmas cards from clients and it seriously warmed my heart. Having close relationships that are more than just “work relationships,” but true friendships is so unique.


4. Meet In-Person When You Can

Traveling to a new city? Think of all the people you’ve formed relationships with who you can grab coffee with and actually chat in person. Again, those moments of true face-to-face interaction forms more of a relationship than an occasional e-mail every few months.

Creating relationships with people who truly believe in the story and mission of your brand is invaluable, but creating lasting friendships from those relationships is even better. 

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