Marketing Your Mission Isn't Gaining You Customers

Some years back, when I first started RISE, I was an eager entrepreneur with a unique background in both Fashion and Anthropology. I had seen, and intensely studied, the impact that fast fashion was having on communities around the world. I was confident that the ‘ethical’ industry was my niche, and that businesses with incredible missions were not only at the forefront of change, but also at the forefront of grabbing customers attention.

Our storytelling model, back then, involved putting your mission first. Leading with stories of the artisans you employed, leading with the amount of water you were saving through sustainable, and eco-friendly production, leading with the charity that your proceeds benefitted, and their impact in the world.

But today, that has all changed.

Why? Because being “mission-driven,” “ethical,” “sustainable,” now puts you into a very large pool, maybe even ocean, of brands across the globe. Conscious consumers have spoken, and the world is listening. Brands all over the world are incorporating some type of give back into their model, whether that’s creating a Corporate Social Responsibility team, investing in sustainable production, creating a transparent production line, and more. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing right? Ethics are becoming a norm. This is something we’ve all hoped and prayed for. However, this means you can no longer put your mission at the forefront of your marketing.

So now what?

A few months ago, I had a conversation with a client that truly changed the way we approach Brand Messaging. Upon doing a brand messaging consult for a client, we were beginning to develop the ways in which she would approach storytelling to her new audience. While her brand was creating incredible re-usable bedding, with a heart for sustainability, we ended up having a debate on which her consumers would value more… the convenience of the re-usable bedding, or its’ sustainability? While sustainability is such a step in the right direction, the real reason a consumer would purchase her item was because it added value to their life. It made their life a bit easier by saving them the money of buying bedding over and over again, and it was easy-to-use so they did not have to fight with their sheets when making a bed all alone.

Because we now live in a world where all brands are re-evaluating the ethics behind their products, marketing that ethos isn’t going to win you consumers, having a product that adds value and convenience to your consumers life will, and the ethics are now an added bonus.

This is not being said to diminish the incredible work that brands are doing to provide economic opportunity around the globe, free survivors from horrendous conditions, save the oceans, and more. But the reality is that when every brand is becoming ‘mission-driven,’ you’re going to need to find new ways to stand out.

So, my question to you is, what value is your product bringing to consumers? Do you know how to properly articulate this to your audience? Do you need to shift your messaging to connect with the right people?

If you have a plan in mind, we are so excited to see how you pivot your content accordingly! You’re already ahead of the game!

If you’re feeling lost or need a plan to ensure your content, messaging, and marketing fits this new wave of consumerism, WE ARE YOUR EASY BUTTON!

Brand Messaging Consulting leaves you with a completely tailored 15-20 page guide for all the messaging your brand should be using to attract your target consumer. This includes everything from the copy on your website, to your social media bios, SEO keywords, press pitches, and more. At the end of your consult, you’ll have a complete plan that can be carried out through all avenues of your brand’s content, and you’ll feel fully prepared as the ‘ethical’ industry continues to hold the globe to new, high standards.

Ris Rose