Knowing Which Collaborations to Invest In

If you follow us on social media, you know that one thing we are extremely *passionate* (ie. fired up) about is not only strategic brand to blogger collaborations, but that all parties involved benefit through authentic partnerships.

After sharing some examples of unfortunate situations in which the collaborations were not genuine (because of purchased engagement, bought following, etc.), we received tons of feedback that you’d love to learn more about what to look for in brand collaborations, and how to find the perfect fit for your brand.

1. Research Bloggers in Your Niche

If you’re a baby brand, you wouldn’t collaborate with a blogger who has no children yet, right? If you’re a vegan blogger, you wouldn’t advertise a product that has animal products, correct? It’s truly that simple! Keep in mind that the goal is to reach an audience that would be specifically interested in your brand, so you want to collaborate with influencers who have already established a connection with similar target audiences.

2. Research Engagement

Once you’ve made your list of potential collaborations, you want to make sure that the engagement is real. We know as a small business, any money that you decide to invest in your marketing matters, so you want to make sure that the platform you’re investing in has a real chance of reaching new consumers. There are a few ways that you can ensure this:

  • Look at the “follower to like” ratio. Engagement rate is the percentage of people who actually engage with their content. If they have 12K likes, but only 60 likes on average per photo, their content is either not being picked up by the algorithm, or their following is not authentic.

  • Scroll through followers, and likes on each photo to ensure they’re real people. If you open a photo that has 2,000+ likes and start to notice a trend of accounts that don’t look like they’re real people, that should be a red flag. The same goes for followers.

3. Propose a Partnership that Benefits Both Parties

Once you’ve found a good fit, decide a budget that you feel comfortable with and pitch the collaboration! We’re big proponents for paid collaborations, as all work deserves fair pay. If you’re concerned about pricing, and if you’ll be able to afford a collaboration, it can’t hurt to start with a budget you’re comfortable with and find a common ground to move forward with.

If you’re looking for help finding the most strategic partnerships for your brand, and securing collaborations with impact, feel free to reach out to learn more about our Brand Management services.

Ris Rose