Investing in Yourself This Year

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear ‘invest in yourself’? In a culture obsessed with self-care, that phrase usually brings to mind rose petal baths, indulging in a book, or a yoga class.

While all of those ideas are extremely neccesary for entrepreneurs, and especially solopreneurs, to keep their sanity; this year I’ve learned a new meaning to investing in yourself, one that has completely transformed my daily life, and grown my business to heights I couldn’t have even dreamed for myself.

One way that I invested in myself earlier this year was learning the true value of mentorship. I’ve had the privilege of being coached by some incredible, heart-driven women like Haley Burkhead from The Profit Planner, and Emily Sexton of The Flourish Market, and the main point that I’ve learned from it all is the importance of pouring into others, so that you can in turn pour back into your business.

What does that look like exactly? and who has time to ‘pour into others’ and run a business at the same time? What that has looked like this year, for RISE, is seeking new team members who can help unload tasks from my plate so that I can continue to focus on serving our community best, and growing.

“But this is my baby, I don’t really trust anyone else to work on my business.” Believe me, I understand that one. Especially when you’ve created close, trusting relationships with clients and customers who know your work, how could you let anyone else into that relationship? Well, what I’ve learned is this:

Everyone has their own field of expertise. You may have started your business with the dream of owning an ethical clothing company, selling jewelry to support artisans, or any other mission, but now your day-to-day looks like posting on social media, writing your e-mail newsletters, updating your website, ordering fabric, sewing pieces for customers, and writing blog posts. You’ve lost the ability to do all things well, because you’re busy doing all the things. You’re busy thinking about all the things you should & could be doing to grow your mission, but just don’t have the time to tackle them.

That’s how I felt last January, until multiple mentors told me it was time to invest in help. I was only in my second year of business, how could I afford help? How could I invest into my business when the business was just becoming sustainable? I had to take a leap of faith, and trust that investing in myself would give me more free time to grow.

And I was blown away by the return. Truly, being able to unload some everyday tasks to others, helped me to really dive into the parts of my business that I knew I did best, that I knew would help us to grow, to serve new missions, and to serve our current clients to the best of our ability. And the crazy thing was, while I worried about the financial aspect of paying someone else to take on some of these tasks, that leap of faith allowed our team to operate so much more efficiently, and in turn, be able to take on more & more clients, which more than made up for that investment in our team.

I share this not to say, hey you should hire us to help you, but to say that this was my biggest fear in business, letting someone else have a little piece of my baby. But without that leap of faith, I would not be where I am today, or have the community of amazing brands that we have today. So in 2019, whether it’s taking the leap of faith to hire help, or seeking mentorship, or any other big, scary thing, JUST DO IT. You never know the impact that investing in yourself will have on your life, your sanity, and your business.

Ris Rose