Inserting Brand Messaging Into All Your Content

As part one of our FOCUS series, we asked you 5 questions that would help focus your Brand Messaging. However, once you’ve determined your brand messaging, how do you place it into all of your content? We’ve got your next steps!

1. Reaching Your Target Audience

To start off, I hope that your five questions have helped you to determine your target customer. And not just, “ethical consumers,” but, “My target customer is Jenna. She is 30 years old, tries to shop ethically, and is currently trying to live a more minimal lifestyle.” Using a sentence like this you’ve already identified a few key points that can now translate into content.

Let’s break this sentence down. Your target customer is 30 years old. This can mean a few things, she’s either already a mom, approaching motherhood, or approaching a more relational period in her life. Or, she’s a female entrepreneur focused on growing her business. Once you’ve determine what demographic of 30-year-old you’re trying to reach, you can now start to create content buckets that would reach a new mother, a newly wed, a new homemaker, a business owner, a first-time female entrepreneur, and/or a woman starting her side-hustle. You can create all of these different types of content from that one piece of information about your target customer.

Next you see that she “tries to shop ethically.” Maybe she doesn’t quite feel 100% comfortable knowing how to approach this new lifestyle, or she finds it difficult while having kids to focus on herself. Again, you can now create content for the 30-year-old woman who is trying to transform her shopping choices. Content such as, “The First Steps to an Ethical Wardrobe,” etc. The same goes for “currently trying to live a more minimal lifestyle.” How can you serve that target customer with content, information, and products that will help them to achieve that goal?

Knowing this information about your consumer isn’t only useful for content in the form of blog posts, or newsletters, this can also help you to plan your creative social media content. If you know that you’re catering to a 30-something who has young kids, but also loves the ethical industry, traveling, and finding uniquely and fairly made pieces, you want your creative content to echo that lifestyle, which brings me to my next point…


2. Conveying Your Inspiration & Creative Vision

Now that you know you’re creating content for a 30-something mother who loves to travel and engage with ethically made pieces, you want to reflect that lifestyle through your photos. The best way to create this “lifestyle” look through your content is to first put together a mood board, or inspiration board that inspires the look that you’re trying to go for.

For this particular audience, I would pull together pictures of mothers with their children, traveling, shopping, decorating their home in a way that reflects their love for uniquely made pieces, etc. Once you’ve pulled together all of those pictures and can visually see that woman’s life through pictures, you now have the inspiration and creative vision you need to carry that lifestyle out through the content that your brand creates. Your photo shoots should be planned in a way that creates pictures for that woman’s lifestyle, your social media should post relevant pictures and information for that woman, etc. You have visually and mentally created a vision of the life that your target audience member lives, or wants to live, and can now manifest that through your content creation.


3. Creating a Brand Feel & Voice

Lastly, once you’ve clearly identified your creative vision and have began to create content, you’ll want to reflect your brand feel and voice. For example, throughout this blog post, you may feel like we’re having an actual conversation, instead of this being a grammatically correct, perfectly edited, and AP styled article. That is because RISE’s Voice and Feel is always conversational, like we are speaking with you in real life. So, when I write blog posts, especially informational ones like this, I type as if I’m speaking with you, not as if I’m writing AT you.

If you want your brand to feel warm, inviting, and conversational, you might choose a more casual voice likes ours. However, if you want a more professional, and tailored voice, you may choose a style that is more edited, refined, and structured. The way that you choose to carry out your content will help you to realize that voice, and carry it out through all of your brand.

Getting all of these ideas down on paper can really help you to focus on developing the direction of your brand. If you need a better outline, or some more guidance, RISE Creative will be releasing a Creative Branding Guide as a resource for you to completely align your vision for the year and start the year with great focus. If you’re interested in being one of the first to receive our Creative Branding Guide, enter your e-mail here! 

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