If the Instagram & Facebook Freeze Lasted Forever...

Last week, it felt like the world was ending for about 12 whole hours when no business or person could correctly access Instagram or Facebook. A client of ours said it best when I received a text that read, “nothing like having your entire livelihood based on a platform that could disappear tomorrow.”

Those words made us think, what would your business be without social media? Would you stay afloat? Would you still make sales? Would you still reach new consumers?

While social media is a great tool, and does help so many businesses branch out to new consumers and audiences, you can’t base your business on a tool that could shut down at any time.

So, my question is, do you have a plan in place? What does your marketing look like outside of social media? We started to brainstorm a few things that would be most impactful if social media ever went away.

1. Your E-mail List

Your e-mail list is INVALUABLE, and I will preach that again and again. It is literally a list of people who have already told you that they’re interested in what you’re doing. That doesn’t mean they’re going to purchase from you every time you send an e-mail, but they’re invested enough to keep up with what you’re doing and support you when they see something they love that fits their lifestyle.

2. Real Life Events

This is one of the most underrated topics in our industry, and definitely isn’t discussed enough. In a time when everyone is preaching ‘authenticity’ and ‘real life’ on social media, how about meeting people, IN REAL LIFE? Whether you travel to a large city in driving distance, or you partake in local pop-ups, making face-to-face connections with people is the best way to get them to remember you, especially in a time when so little human connection is face to face. Not to mention, in a time where online shopping is the norm, allowing your customer to be able to see and feel your product can make all the difference.

Building the foundations of marketing plan that does not solely rely on one platform is the only way to be 100% proactive in setting your brand up for success. However, when those words are spoken, as a brand owner, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed at the thought of having to do all the things.

Here’s the secret, you don’t have to do all the things. You only have to find the things that work for you, and do those well. How do you figure that out? By having a plan in place. WE’VE GOT YOUR EASY BUTTON.

How does having the tools to plan in advance, and feel less stressed in your business, while making 2019 look better than 2018 sound?

We’re opening the doors to the The Ethical Branding Academy Membership Site, in the upcoming weeks, with the goal of equipping you with everything you need to maximize the reach of your mission. As a member, you’ll receive

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Ris Rose