Identifying Your Best SEO Keywords

We know SEO sounds overwhelming, However, once you’ve identified the best strategy for your brand, it is actually incredibly easy to carry out. Today we’re giving you all the resources you need to identify your brand’s target SEO keywords.


1. Keywords Are Exactly That, Key Words

When beginning to brainstorm keywords for your brand, think of exactly that, key words that your target audience member would type into Google in order to find your brand. These words are often extremely similar to hashtags, as those are also a means of searching to find a brand based on an ethos such as “ethical fashion.” You can also tie in the important parts of your brand messaging, such as words you’d like your target audience to associate with your brand, or words they would use to describe your brand.


2. Use a Keyword Planner

Once you’ve compiled a list, I would say of about 15-20 target keywords, you’re going to want to use a keyword planner to evaluate the “searchability” of each word. This means looking at how many times that word is searched on Google, and how high or low the competition is to be found on Google using that world. You want to choose words that have a high search rate, but low competition, as your chances of being ranked using those keywords are higher. You can also mix high and low competition words such as “ethically made” (low) “handcrafted jewelry” (high). Google’s Keyword Planner is usually the most effective, but there are other websites out there who will give you great estimations.

3. Create Multiple Keyword Phrases

Once you’ve identified the keywords you’ll be using to describe your brand, you’ll want to create a few keyword phrases. The first one should be the overall description of your brand, the one that goes into your website description, the description that pops up under your website listing on Google, and usually the description that you’d even put in your About Page. However, you also want some shorter or more concise keyword phrases that you’ll use for product descriptions, meta text of photographs, and other little phrases that you can slip into your web pages.

Keep an eye on the blog later this week and we’ll tell you exactly what to do with those keyword phrases, and where the belong in your website. RISE Creative always offers SEO Audits if you’d like this done for you, along with website optimization. Feel free to contact us for more information.


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