Identifying 3 Selling Points

When crafting your brand messaging, it's important to identify the three selling points that you want to convey to your audience. These are the three things that are most important about your brand, that you'd like to include in all of your messaging from your website, to your social media, and more. So let's walk through three steps to identifying your selling points.


1.     Go Back to the Basics

What is your "why?" What prompted you to start your brand in the first place? What is the mission behind your brand that your target audience can relate to and fall in love with?


2.     Who Are You Serving?

Really think about your target audience member and what they are looking for in a brand. How are you meeting a need for them? 


3.     What Are You Providing Them?

Now think about the actual product you're providing. What makes it unique? What impact does that product have on the world?


Some example selling points would be:

- Ethically & sustainably made clothing

- Uniquely designed for women of all sizes

- Empowering women through economic development.


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