Hacking the Instagram Algorithm

So many accounts have fallen victim to the ever-changing Instagram Algorithm. Whether you are experiencing the Shadow Ban or noticing lower engagement on you feed, frustration is inevitable. We’ve put together a few tips on how to avoid falling victim to the algorithm.


1. Original Shareable Content

The Algorithm was designed to prioritize the best content on your feed. Therefore, the importance of creating that content for Instagram is even more elevated than usual. You don’t need a huge budget to create incredible Instagram content. Spend some time brainstorming creative content, find a great location, and snap some high quality pictures. Or, post some extremely informational content such as blog posts or videos.


2. Change Up Your Hashtags

Using the same hashtags over and over again can lead to your account being flagged as spam. Click through all the hashtags that you usually use, and find new hashtags that similar accounts are using who have relevant content to yours.


3. Engage with Others

This may be one of the most important hacks. As I mentioned above, clicking through the hashtags that you commonly use and interacting with others who also use the same keywords will allow Instagram to start to associate your content with those keywords, and similar accounts, making your content visible in the feeds of your target audience.

4.     Calculate Peak Posting Times

Use your analytics to determine when your peak posting times are. This will ensure that your content is being seen during the times when the highest percentage of your audience is available.  

5. Delete All Installed Bots

I can not stress enough, DO NOT USE BOTS TO GAIN FOLLOWERS. This is the most unhealthy thing that you can do for your account. You’re not only gaining fake followers who have no interest in your content, you’re telling Instagram that you’ve allowed a bot to control your actions which will most likely result in a Shadowban and your content being blocked from all of your real followers.

While there is not one magic golden key to hack Instagram, you can have an advantage over the algorithm by staying educated, and creating real, authentic content for an engaged audience. 


Written by Marisa Flacks, Founder of RISE Creative

RISE Creative uses design and strategy to build brands changing the world. Whether you need day-to-day support, or a plan for your team to carry out, we are your easy button.

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