Getting the Most out of Your Shoot List

Okay now that we’ve prepared you to plan your photo shoot, you want to make sure the you’re getting the most content out of one shoot so that you don’t find yourself with no pictures to post two months down the road. My goal for each shoot is to get through one whole season of social media, website product, and blog posts using the photos we took. So, here’s how we do that.


1.     Consider Product Shots

Obviously the most important outcome of your shoot is that you’ve photographed the product. Make sure that the pictures that will properly represent each piece on your product pages have been taken first, as those are the photos that ultimately make or break a sale.


2.     Consider Social Media

Depending on your social media theme, I always ensure that a photo shoot set has some sort of “lifestyle” component where we can shoot less posed, more authentic, and fun pictures for social media. Whether this is flatlays of product, or a model sporting your bracelet as she buys coffee in a coffee shop, having up close and personal pictures to spread throughout social media and such are a great way to maximize the use of pictures.


3.     Behind-the-Scenes Photos

Behind-the-scenes pictures are so fun to share with your audience to really engage with them and be transparent as a brand. Whether you do a special blog post and send it to your e-mail list, or share on Instagram, BTS pictures give a level of authenticity to your brand.

4.     Glamour Shots

If you’re working with a model, instead of just posed product shots, try and get some close up glamour shots that can be used in different ways throughout your website and brand. These can be more editorial-style and have a wider camera view. Just picture, the wide header on your website, wouldn’t it be fun to have a great picture from your next shoot to welcome your audience?


5.   Put together a Shoot Brief

A shoot brief includes the mood board from your shoot, pictures of all your models, and a shoot list so that everyone involved knows the kind of pictures you’re aiming to capture, and the people who are going to bring your vision to life. 


Written by Marisa Flacks, Founder of RISE Creative

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