Getting the Most Content from Photo Shoot Picutres

Welcome to the last part of our Photo Shoot series! If you missed our previous posts, we talked about planning your photo shoot, and creating an organized shoot list. Today we’re going to explore how to get the most use out of the photos you receive from the shoot.


1.     Choose Your Product Only Photos


Before you decide to share any photos, choose the ones that you’ll only be using for product pages, and decide in your head if you want to be sharing those on any other platform, or just reserve them for your consumers who really want to see your pieces in action while shopping your website.


2.     Map Out Written Content


As always, I will stress the importance of original shareable content. Not only can you create a great behind-the-scenes post from your shoot, but think of all the other kinds of content you can create surrounding your new collection. Blog posts, and e-mail newsletters are great ways to interact with your audience. Choose the shots for those pieces of content, and also mark the ones that will be shared on social media to advertise those blog posts or pieces of content.


3.     Social Media


Various kinds of pictures perform better on various types of social media. Editorial shots are perfect for Instagram, while product shots may perform better as shoppable pins on Pinterest. Divide up your content between your social media platforms and try to get the most out of each pictures so that you have good amount of social media content for weeks to come.


4.     Store for Throwbacks


Always keep some leftover pictures around for those days in the future when you’re feeling low on content, everyone loves a good throwback, especially in anticipation of a new season or new collection.


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