Finding the Right Bloggers for Your Brand

As we head into holiday season, working with bloggers is such a great way to reach your target audience. However, many clients have asked us the question, “how do I know which bloggers to work with?” This is such a valid question as the goal in working with bloggers is to increase brand awareness to an audience that aligns well with your brand. Today we’re discussing how to find the perfect bloggers to collaborate with!

Before we dive into finding bloggers, I just want to reference back to two recent blog posts that are very important when it comes to blogger collaborations. The first is the importance of setting aside a budget to fairly compensate bloggers, and the second is how to detect if a page’s following is authentic before investing money in a collaboration. I hope that these two tools will help you in your pursuit of blogger collaborations, now let’s get started!

1. Look for bloggers that align with your values.

Being a part of the ethical industry means that there is some part of your story that values a certain group of ethics, whether it’s fair trade, sustainability, or giving back to a certain cause, it’s important to find bloggers whose core values also align with this as they usually have an audience with a particular interest in your brand.

2. Look for bloggers that align visually with your brand.

There’s nothing better than when a product fits seamlessly into the style and aesthetic of a blogger’s daily fashion or lifestyle choices. This means that their audience of similar style would most likely be interested in your product as well.

3. Look for bloggers who exemplify your niche.

If your brand consists of bright, fun colors perfect for a tropical beach vacation, you want to seek out influencers who also carry that same branding. Seeing your bag on a tropical beach vacation allows their audience to picture themselves with your product too!

As far as finding bloggers, there are a few ways that you can do your research:

1. Bloggers who frequently interact with your brand.

If you’re an existing brand who sees regular engagement from bloggers on social media, start with the people who show genuine interest in your brand first!

2. See who similar brands are collaborating with.

There is definitely enough room for everyone in this industry and finding bloggers whose style matches yours well based on brands they’re currently collaborating with is a great start.

3. PeopleMap

PeopleMap is an incredible tool that allows you to search influencers and Instagram accounts by certain themes, topics, hashtags, and interactions. It also allows you to see engagement rates which helps in determining if an influencer’s audience is authentic before investing budget into the collaboration.


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