Ethical Bloggers, Are You Making the Most of Your Content?

As someone who often sifts through ethical blog posts to share on various client’s social media accounts, I’ve recently noticed a pattern that concerned me. Today we’re asking ethical fashion bloggers – are you making the most out of your content?

Picture this: I’m a young adult who is new to the ethical industry. I’m looking to learn more about how to live ethically, how I can transform my wardrobe, how I should switch out my household products, and how to remove all of the unethical practices and products from my life. I’m seeking information, inspiration, and guidance. So, like any other young adult, I take to the internet. I’m thrilled to see there is a plethora of knowledgable ethical bloggers who may be able to tell me all about this new lifestyle I’m pursuing. However, I click on the first blog that appears, and instead of guidance, I’m met with what appears to be a whole list of advertisements, trying to entice me to buy products, instead of teach me how to continue down this new path.

Unfortunately, this is a pattern that I’ve noticed more, and more. While many bloggers publish such amazing, real, transparent, content, there needs to be a balance between content & sales. Much like the 80/20 rule for newsletters, an ethical audience is looking for someone to walk down this path with them, not to feel overwhelmed by the growing number of products on the market today.

Now I’m not saying that all promotions are bad, I’m just saying there is a conscious way to approach sharing products to your audiences.


1.     How-to Posts

Whether it’s, “How to Create a Capsule Wardrobe,” or “How to Reduce Waste in my House,” there are tons of ways to collaborate with brands and hide sponsored content within your educational content. Not to mention, at the end of your extremely informative post, your audience will be delighted to find your unique coupon code or link to attempt their very own how-to using you


2.     Real-life Application

Another idea is to create blog series about things we experience in everyday life, such as “Shopping Ethically While Traveling,”  “Planning a Sustainable Wedding,” or “Designing an Ethical Children’s Bedroom.” Any of these topics leave ample opportunity for brand collaborations, but also give your audience real-life application.


3.     Transparent Posts

We all have bad days, hard seasons, or just a lot on our plate sometimes. There’s nothing wrong with being transparent with your audience. Share your story, show them the person behind the blog. A reader will relate so much better to your blog when they can see you as a real person with feelings and emotions, sometimes even thinking of you as a friend.


4.     Interviews

Speaking of relating to real people, another great way to promote brands without seeming like an advertisement is to interview the founder of a brand. Share the face behind the brand and let your audience know they WHY behind the products that you’re promoting.


5.     Unsponsored Content

The best kind of content is when a blogger is just so passionate about something that they want to share because they genuinely know it will do their audience good. We all understand that sponsored posts are your form of income, and that you deserve to be compensated for your hard work, but every once in a while, create content for the pure love of it.

We are so lucky to work in such a collaborative industry that is growing every single day. That also means we have a responsibility to educate those interested in switching to an ethical lifestyle. In that case, why not make it fun, engaging, and interesting?

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