Cultivating Real Community

“I just want more followers.” A phrase we so often hear from our digital marketing clients. In a society obsessed with numeric gratification, views, likes, and most often followers, it’s important to remember that the number of followers you have does not equal a profitable business. There is no guarantee that 100% or even 10% of your followers will convert to customers.

That point of conversion often comes from building a true connection with someone, to the point where they fall in love with your brand, your mission, buy your product, and want to shout about it from the rooftops to their friends. Those people are the heart of your business and should be your goal any day, over a large following.

So, how do you build that true connection? Let’s talking cultivating real community…

1. Show Up

Yes, that simple. Simply showing up day in and day out allows your followers and potential followers to see you, hear you, recognize you, and connect with you. So get on Instagram stories, show your face, tell your story, show them your mess, and let them relate to you as a human being.

2. Create Original Content

The internet is full of so much of the same. Memes, articles, videos, and more, it’s easy to feel both overwhelmed and bored of the same content. So be different. Create something new. Write blog posts from your unique perspective, show them behind-the-scenes of your brand, let them get excited about what you’re creating because it’s different than everything else they’re scrolling through online.

3. Don’t Go Near Fake Engagement

I will preach this until my jaw falls off. DO NOT buy following, likes, or engagement. Once you do, it’s almost IMPOSSIBLE to reverse. It will negatively affect your engagement for the lifetime of your account, and even block your REAL potential followers from seeing your content. It’s the most harmful thing you can do for building community.

4. Value Your Followers

Your followers are your people, they’re the ones so genuinely interested in what you’re doing that they’ve said, “I’d like to see what they’re up to on a daily basis,” by clicking that follow button. Show them how much that means to you by giving them exclusive sneak peeks, coupon codes and more.

Cultivating community looks a lot like being your authentic self, having real conversations, and showing up for the people that show up for you. Make them a priority in 2019, and your community with organically grow on its’ own.


Written by Marisa Flacks, Founder of RISE Creative

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