5 Reasons Your Current Marketing Strategy Isn't Working

When we started RISE Creative, The True Cost movie had just been released, and the fashion industry, for the first time, began to look at the ethics behind their manufacturing, and production materials. Fast forward to today, in 2019, when large box store brands like Target are releasing lines of Fair Trade Jeans. We are so grateful for how far the industry has come and that easily accessible stores we use everyday are beginning to take notice of the ethics behind their products. However, being an ‘ethical brand’ used to make your story unique. Now, how do you stand out when all brands are now leading with their missions? You may find that your regular marketing efforts just aren’t working anymore, and here are some reasons why.

1. You’re Not Creating Original Content.

A big mistake that we see is when brands are either re-posting the same content over and over, or not taking the time to create original shareable content. This is something we will preach until the end of time. In a world when everyone is doing the same things, you need to stand out if you want to make an impact. Get creative. Create some fun IGTV segments, style your products in new ways, give you audience exclusive behind-the-scenes tours, teach them something new. ANYTHING that will grab their attention over all of the noise of people doing the same things.

2. Your Branding & Website Isn’t Strong

Unfortunately (or fortunately if you’re design driven like us), we live in a time of ‘aesthetics.’ Consumers want to be able to connect with the look and feel of not just your products, but also your website and branding. If your website is confusing or difficult to use, they can easily go try someone else’s. If your branding isn’t super professional, doesn’t grab their attention, or they have a hard time understanding your messaging and exactly what it is that you do, they can easily click off your site as well. Your branding & website are the MOST IMPORTANT things for you to invest in when it comes to your brand. They are often the first impression on your audience, and can easily determine whether or not someone purchases from you.

We are now taking 2020 Branding & Design clients. If you are considering a re-brand, or looking to build from scratch, make sure to get on our calendar to chat!

3. Your Photographs Aren’t Great

Piggy-backing off of our last point of living in a world driven by aesthetics, another mistake we often see if brands not investing the time or the resources to take great photos. One mistake in-particular that I see a lot is when boutiques or shops that re-sell other people’s products are using old content from the original producer or manufacturer. When you do this, you are trying to mix together a bunch of different photography styles, and themes, and many times it doesn’t translate well. Photography doesn’t have to be expensive! You can easily find a photography intern, or a local college student looking to grow their portfolio. I promise you will not regret taking the time to have quality photographs to use throughout your social media, website, e-mails, ads, and more.

4. You’re Relying Too Heavily on Social Media

Remember the Instagram crash of Summer 2019? I believe it’s happened twice now. If social media decided to give up on us forever, how would you reach your audience? Relying on social media is basically like playing the lottery and hoping that you win. You’re relying on a computer-generated algorithm to relay your message to your audience, and hoping that it sticks. You need to explore other avenues of connecting with your consumers, ones that you have better control over. We’re huge believers in E-mail Newsletters. This doesn’t mean you need to harass your list with soliciting e-mails, but a nice weekly or bi-weekly e-mail with 80/20 content can make a much larger impact than social media posts that may or may not be seen.

Not sure what to put in your e-mails, don’t have the time to write them, or don’t feel confident enough in your design skills to create them? We’re here to help. We’d love to come alongside your team and create on-brand e-mails that convert for you! Feel free to grab a time to chat with us here!

5. You Don’t Even Have a Strategy

Let’s be honest. Are you just winging it? Are you following the trends of other people, hoping that if you post on social media a few times a week, or a send an e-mail once in a while your website traffic and sales will consistently increase? EVERYONE NEEDS A PERSONALIZED MARKETING STRATEGY. Why? Because your target customer is unique to you, and therefore the way that you plan to reach them must be too. You have to take the time to look at data and analytics that inform when your target consumer is online and how you can best connect with them, and create a strategy from there. I promise, it’s a lot easier than it sounds, and once you have a strategy written down, executing it weekly is even easier. Feeling lost and need some help? We love diving into your data, and analytics, and creating a marketing plan completely tailored to you. Let’s chat more about it.


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