5 Questions to Focus Your Brand Messaging

Happy New Year! We hope you had a restful holiday filled with love! We're kicking off the year by helping you to focus your brand messaging with 5 easy questions! Brand Messaging is important because it is inserted into every piece of content you publish, from blog posts, to social media captions, and even product descriptions. Focusing your brand voice will make creating content so much easier, and keep your brand cohesive.


1. Who is your audience?

Identifying your target or proven audience will allow you to recognize who is reading and absorbing your content. Putting yourself in their shoes will direct you towards the type of content that they’re looking for or content that will attract their attention.


2. What is the inspiration behind your brand?

This question can be answered in many ways. If you’re looking for actual visual branding inspiration, creating a mood board on Pinterest is a great way to visualize the look and feel of your brand. If you’re inspired by mentors, authors, or other lady bosses, keeping quotes or mantras close to you is a great way to remind yourself of that inspiration on a daily basis.


3. How do you want your brand to feel?

Do you want your branding to feel warm, cozy, and relaxing? Or loud, attention-grabbing, and memorable? Manipulating the messaging that your brand puts out can give your audience different feelings through colors, words, and visuals. Our brand feel goal was, “the calm of a quiet morning, small breeze, birds chirping.” Picturing that in your head, this brand feel is carried out by white space, neutral colors, and a calming brand voice. You can even go as far to ask what does your brand sound like, taste, like or smell like?


4. What does your brand look like?

Using your mood boards, brand colors, and brand feel you should be able to put together some kind of guideline for what your brand will look like. This is key to keeping your website, social media, newsletters, and any other visual branding cohesive.


5. What is your brand voice?

Finally, you want to consider the voice that your audience hears when reading your content. Do you want to sound extremely professional, or more like the best friend giving them advice? Are you more of a “hey girl” kind of brand, or “we greatly appreciate your loyalty,”?


Getting all of these ideas down on paper can really help you to focus on developing the direction of your brand. If you need a better outline, or some more guidance, RISE Creative offers a brand messaging consult to put together a personalized guide of 15-20 pages of messaging direction to build the foundations of your brand.  


Written by Marisa Flacks, Founder of RISE Creative

RISE Creative uses design and strategy to build brands changing the world. Whether you need day-to-day support, or a plan for your team to carry out, we are your easy button.

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