4 Types of Pins You Should be Using on Pinterest

Now that we've covered how to set up your Pinterest profile, and how to hack the Pinterest algorithm, let's discuss what to actually pin! Across most social media platforms, depending on the Algorithm, there are certain types of content that perform the best. Today we'll cover the 4 Types of Pins You Should Be Using.

First and foremost, before we talk content categories, it's important that all of your pins are RICH pins. This means that each pins you post needs to link back to your website so that potential consumers can easily click the pin and be led to you. No matter if it's a quote, or a photo, make sure that when it's uploaded, you're linking it back to your website. 


Who doesn't have a quotes board on Pinterest, or some type of inspiration board? Having high performing quote graphics will catch the attention of potential consumers, and lead them to your account where they can then see and purchase your product. 

2. Product

Shoppable pins make life easier for everyone. We live in a society that wants a see-now, buy-now opportunity, and being able to directly purchase items via Pinterest will not only help your sales, but also satisfy the consumer.

3. Lifestyle

This includes editorial photos, look book, photos any kind of post that draws inspiration and gives the consumer something to relate to or aspire to be. I guarantee that most of the bloggers or influencers you follow on Instagram catches your attention because you relate to their content or aspire to hold the same aesthetic. Let your audience be inspired by your content.

4. Content

When I say content, I mean the pin that pops up when you search small business marketing. It’s a pin that has a title and answers a question, and usually links to a blog post or a piece of informational content. If you’re a clothing brand, make pins that link to your blog posts, but make sure that the topics are relevant and easily searchable.

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Ris Rose