Holiday Public Relations Tips for Retail & E-Commerce Shops

A lot of the time, it can seem like public relations efforts are only for brands and designers, but not for curated shops. We’re here to say that’s FALSE. There are tons of ways that shops can get involved in sharing their mission through PR opportunities.

1. Create relationships with local bloggers

Invite them into your shop, send them a piece to rock this holiday season, or host a blogger event. It’s a great way to form lasting friendships and relationships, while also spreading the wordd.

2. Pitch local outlets

Many times, when you’re a shop with a unique mission in a local town, you’re able to share your story through various media outlets. Pitch your local magazines to donate product to style holiday shoots, or invite your local newspaper to any give-back events you host for the holidays.

3. Give away giftcards to your shop

Whether you’re a brick and mortar, or an online shop, you don’t have to feel left out of holiday giveaways. A great way to reach new audiences is to giveaway a giftcard to your shop, in collaboration with a blogger, event, or even another brand. (which brings me to my next point)

4. Collaborate with others in your space

Whether you have a table set-up at a local coffee shop during holiday season, or you host a joint-event, community over competition is definitely the way to go.


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