Our 5 Step Approach To Marketing Your Ethical Brand

Over the past two years, we've had the incredible privilege of working with ethical brands of all sizes, from the very start up stages of pre-launching to business who have been established since the beginning of what we know as the "ethical industry." Through this process, we've found ourselves repeatedly asking the same quesitions about the different areas of a brand's marketing. 

If you've followed RISE for a good amount of time, you may recognize that our content, trainings, and educational resources all center around 5 core marketing tools. These tools are what we feel to be the building blocks of any succesful brand, one that cares about connecting with an audience of conscious consumers, while also paying tribute to their mission.

In order to ensure that all brands are hitting these 5 marketing points, we've centered our first online ethical marketing course around them: Marketing Your Ethical Brand. The course will cover what we consider to be the five most important parts of marketing: Brand Messaging, Social Media, Website / SEO, E-mail Newsletters, and Blogging. 

While many courses are built to teach you one purposeful lesson, we created the course to be multi-faceted, hitting all the bases, and equpping you with everything you need to plan your own holistic marketing strategy. 

Over the next month, we'll be sharing more about each section of the course, including all 12 videos and 11 downloadable worksheets. In the meantime, to grab some of our freebies and discounts, feel free to drop your e-mail below!

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