Marketing Your Brand for Wholesale Success

Across the globe there exists an endless supply of conscious products created as either a means to lift communities out of a cycle of exploitation or to set an example for sustainable and fair business practice.

Their creators, although all with unique visions have one thing in common, the ability to translate goods into stories. They exist because of their belief in fairness and transparency; and through their collective actions, the inequalities that exist within our supply chains will soon be obsolete.

As a way to elevate their potential, Kanekta was born as a full-scale sourcing platform connecting ethical brands and suppliers to retail buyers across the globe. They make ethical sourcing easy; boutiques, gift shops, home and lifestyle stores and e-commerce curators alike can place purchase orders from multiple brands directly, simplifying the wholesale buying experience.

With new brands ranging from fashion, accessories, beauty, home goods and more being added every month, the platform caters to a variety of different retail outlets. Whether you are looking to stock your store with responsible brands or find suppliers that look, feel and do good, Kanekta is your one-stop, sourcing shop.

Every brand is vetted prior to joining Kanekta to ensure transparency throughout their supply chains; once approved they are equipped with a virtual showroom that is self managed by the brands allowing for much needed flexibility and seamless integration into their existing sales strategy.

Kanekta is transforming the wholesale trade industry by transitioning it into a digital, more responsible sourcing era.


3 Benefits of a Incorporating Wholesale into your Brand’s Sales Strategy

1. Band Exposure to the Masses

Multi-brand stores are a consumers first look into a new brand they have yet to hear of. Although revenues generated through direct-to-consumer models have proven to sustain a brand alone, it takes a while to reach that point. By selling direct it is likely that those purchasing are already conscious consumers who seek out good design and strong values alignment. Incorporating wholesale into your sales strategy solves the issue of reaching a wider, possibly not already conscious audience that often need a curator to do the brand discovery on their behalf.


2. Reliable, Repeat Revenue Stream

Retail is all about relationships, store owners can and will be your biggest champions, if your brand and message resonates with them. It is very common for the same store to continue to stock a brand season after season if the pieces are doing well among their customers. Given that minimum order quantities and single purchase volumes are larger in wholesale than direct-to-consumer, the benefits of the recurring revenue generated outweigh the wholesale discount.


3. Make Ethical, Accessible

We are all working towards the same goal of building brands free from modern slavery and environmental destruction. In order to normalize ethical production and sustainable sourcing, we need to increase the availability of responsible goods within the mainstream market. By incorporating wholesale into your sales strategy, you are not only exposing your brand to new audiences but you are exposing these new audiences to brands that look, feel and do good.


In order to get the most out of wholesaling, a brand’s marketing has a direct impact on a potential retailer’s decision to stock them or not. Similar to a brand, buyers carefully curate their shelves with collections that embody their store persona. To be successful in retail outlets, brands must portray themselves in a way that showcases what they stand for. If done right, they will attract the types of spaces that cater to their desired customer.  


3 Ways to Improve Your Marketing for Successful Wholesale:

1.     Focus on Strong Social Media: If a consumer purchases your brand from a wholesaler, and can then visit your social media and really fall in love with your brand, odds are they are going to continue purchasing, creating an even stronger relationship with that wholesaler. Having a cohesive and engaging aesthetic, on top of informative or relevant content will really continue to attract your target audience. Not to mention, having a great social media presence will make your brand more attractive to potential retailers.

2.     Content, content, content. Creating original shareable content gives new consumers a way to really get to know your brand in an authentic way. Everything from behind-the-scenes blog posts, to how to style the pieces they’ve purchased can really help brand loyalty. Also, having great photography content allows potential retailers to easily be able to share your brand.

3.     Video. Social media algorithms have shifted to favor live video as it sparks authentic engagement. Whether you’re able to hop on Facebook Live or create interesting Instagram videos, they each bring something new and exciting to your brand, and allow you to connect with consumers in a unique way.


If you have further questions about your brand’s marketing please feel free to reach out here.

If you are a Brand looking to get involved in wholesale, apply to sell here.

If you are a Retail Buyer, start sourcing here.

This article was written in collaboration with Kanekta.


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