Avoid Burnout, Plan in Advance

A few weeks ago, I was invited to an incredible small business brunch where a bunch of boss ladies sat around a table and vented about the rollercoaster that is entrepreneurship. When it came my turn to vent, I realized that all our discussions had surrounded topics that weren’t coming to fruition for another 3 or 4 months.

Isn’t it crazy that as business owners, we are required to think so far in advance, so much so that it often feels difficult to live in the present. We’re always planning the next promotion, the next blog post, the next collection, and the next photo shoot. Thinking far in advance has almost become engrained in our brains. However, if we’re not careful, one day we will blink and realize we’ve missed all the important parts of life: time with our families, the sounds of nature, the beauty of Fall, the joyfulness of a holiday.

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This holiday season, RISE is committing to staying present, by scheduling things in advance. I know that’s kind of an oxymoron, staying present by planning ahead. But, having all of our work planned out for us, allows us excess time to truly enjoy present day life. They key to this is BATCH WORK.

Batch Work means to literally batch your work into large groups, and get it done all at once so that you don’t have to worry about it later. This can be done for so many things. If you need to write blog posts, make a list of all your topics, block off a few hours on your calendar, and write all the posts. If you run a podcast, schedule a bunch of interviews for the same day, and record all podcasts for the next two months.

Personally, for RISE, I block off a few hours on Fridays to batch work all of our content – social media, blog posts, and any extra content that I owe our own public relations efforts. A great way to do this is to use an organizer such as Asana. As you can see below, each week I fill in all social media content and blog posts so I know what I need to create for each day. For example, you can see I've hidden our upcoming content, knowing that this would be published before it was released. 

Business guru Jenna Kutcher, and expert creative Elle & Co Design preach Batch Work, and attribute most of their success to being able to get a lot done at one time, and have much more free time to focus on other things such as production, photo shoots, concept designs for next season, etc.

We hope that this method of planning ahead will help you to stay present, and walk through the holiday season with ease, knowing that you’re able to enjoy every memory you’re about to make. 



Written by Marisa Flacks, Founder of RISE Creative

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