Our Favorites Projects of 2018

Can you believe there’s only 3 weeks left of this year? This year FLEW by! As a team, we were able to grow by 3 amazingly talented and passionate people, and as a business we were blessed to serve brands from around the globe. As a farewell to the incredible year of growth, stretching, and learning, I’d love to share some of our favorite projects with you!

1. Still Being Molly’s Spring & Fall Lookbooks

If you don’t know Molly Stillman, you’re missing one amazing person from your life. Not only is she such a kind-hearted friend, but her life truly revolves around her passion for brands that are making a difference, which is evident not only through her blog, but also her podcast, Business with Purpose.

This year, we wanted to serve her incredibly engaged audience by providing a Spring/Summer lookbook, showing them how they can style multiple ethical brands throughout the season. We were lucky enough to collaborate with brands like Tribe Alive, VETTA, Elegantees, Jessica Rey Swimwear, Liz Alig, Sudara, and more to put this lookbook together, and it was so well loved that we decided to do another for Fall!

2. MOTD Cosmetics Photo Shoot

This year, MOTD Cosmetics underwent a beautiful re-brand, and we were so lucky to be part of that process, by conceptualizing, planning, scouting, and shooting (with the help of brilliant photographer Kristen Bousquet), their new branding launch campaign.

Screen Shot 2018-12-10 at 10.09.10 AM.png

3. Lionheart Collective Summer Influencer Campaign

Straw bags were all the rage this summer, but so was sustainability. Lionheart Collective focuses on both, weaving sustainable handbags from naturally found agave, employing Ecuadorian artisans. We wanted to share their incredible story through influencers, and it was very well received!

4. Venturing into Photography

If you haven’t heard, we’re adding a few new services to our team in 2019. The first one we announced is Photography, and we’ve been privileged to shoot some fun content for brands like Valiente Goods Co., I Like It Here Club, & Half United. (hint hint, the next services released involve design.)

We thank each and every one of you, whether you’re a client or not, for supporting our journey, and look forward to serving you in 2019.

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